Wednesday, 26 November 2008

22nd - 25th November

The only noteworthy sighting was the pretty amazing rediscovery of the presumed blyth's pipit at Garso on 24th, still no nearer to identification and present on the morning of 25th, the bird was trapped and proved to be a richard's pipit.

Initially seen briefly on 21st this bird was assumed likely to have been blyth's, compact with a small pipit-like jizz, neat plumage and bold crown and mantle streaking. The photographs taken that day certainly point this way too, but with fully juvenile median coverts, and no tail pattern or call it remained unidentified. Relocated on 24th and trapped on 25th the pattern of T5 instantly identified the bird as Richard's Pipit, and in hand biometrics were all outside the range of Blyth's. Biometrics: wing 98.0, tarsus 29.8, hind claw 19.0

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Harry said...

Hi there,
For some reason, the top pic won't open up beyond the small size, even when one clicks on it, as the others do.
Shame the bird wasn't a Blyth's, but at least the identity is sorted out now.