Sunday, 15 November 2009

8th - 15th November

The 3 white-fronted and 9 pink-footed geese remained amongst the greylag flocks, up to 79 dunlin and 83 sanderling have been on the Links and long-eared owls were seen on 8th and 11th. Thrushes have been present in only low numbers but the 10th saw an increase in blackbirds with 89, and 6 song thrushes on 11th is the peak count during this time. 2 jackdaw and a meally redpoll were seen on and off, and a chaffinch and black redstart were present on 10th. Warblers included just the occasional chiffchaff, but 4 were logged after a small arrival on 13th, along with 5 blackcap, 18 woodcock and 12 robin. Finally on 15th the first little auk was seen at Bridesness, unfortunately being eaten by a great black-backed gull!