Saturday, 11 June 2011

11th June

The best new bird of the day was a Red-necked Phalarope that was watched being harassed by local Great Black-backed Gulls off Tor Ness. The Icterine Warbler was trapped and ringed at Holland, the Bean Goose was seen flying south and a drake Garganey was on Hooking Loch. There was little else of interest, although 4 Woodpigeons were seen in the morning and 4 Collared Doves were present.

An afternoon expedition was made into the iris bed jungles of Hooking Loch to ring Black-headed Gull chicks and Greylag Goose goslings. Only 5 gull chicks were found, a disappointingly low number that is typical of recent years; but a good total of 26 geese, including 2 adults, were ringed.

The NRBO staff: always looking for Ansers.

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tommyart said...

That's a class photo of the guys and geese. Cheers!