Sunday, 1 July 2012

1st July

A Western Bonelli's Warbler was found at Holland House first thing in the morning, and eventually flew into a mist net early in the afternoon after several frustrating hours of waiting. Prior to its capture it was very elusive and always silent, but biometrics and a distinctive whistled call given upon release finally sealed the identification. This is NRBO's fourth Bonelli's Warbler; of the previous three, one is accepted as a Western bird and two are accepted as Western / Eastern Bonelli's Warbler.

In the hand, all measurements fell neatly into the range of Western Bonelli's Warbler. In the field, though, some features appeared suggestive of the rarer Eastern species. Very grey upperparts and quite pale-looking greater covert edges seemed to fit Eastern, but can probably be attributed to the worn state of the bird's plumage.

The only other sightings worth mentioning were a Reed Warbler trapped and ringed in the gardens and 5 Swifts seen in the afternoon.

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