Thursday, 2 August 2012

31st July - 1st August

The smallest hours of the 31st were spent at the north end of the island ringing Storm Petrels. Small numbers of Arctic Terns were still active around Bewan Loch, and 7 full-grown birds were trapped and ringed along with the petrels. A Greenshank was still around once the sun came up, but the highlight of the day was a pair of Basking Sharks that drifted past the oservatory in the evening.

Basking Shark in the North Ronaldsay Firth, with Sanday's Start Point Lighthouse in the background. Both animals were viewable from the comfort of the observatory's bar and patio as they swam slowly around Twingness and off to the east.

August began with nothing new to report, and just the Greenshank by way of noteworthy species.

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