Sunday, 9 September 2012

9th September

A temporary drop in the incessantly westerly winds made birding a bit easier and a couple more transatlantic waders appeared. Our third Pectoral Sandpiper of the year, a juvenile bird, was found at Kirbist in the afternoon. Then, while the lingering adult American Golden Plover gave excellent views right by the main road, another one - a much paler winter-plumaged bird this time - was discovered on the west coast. The new bird brings NRBO's all-time total of American Golden Plovers to 12, no fewer than 3 of which have been this year.

A plurality of pluvialids: The upper bird has been present from 5th September; the lower one was new today. This is the first time that more than one American Golden Plover has been present here at the same time and, with the unseasonal bird in the spring, the first time that three have been recorded in the same year.

The calmer weather allowed a few more passerines to arrive, and counts included 292 Meadow Pipits, 59 Wheatears, 1 House Martin, 1 Garden Warbler, 3 Crossbills, 7 Lapland Buntings and the autumn's first Snow Bunting. A Kestrel, 2 Merlins and 2 Peregrines were seen, 10 Pink-footed Geese remained from the previous day's movement and 29 Sooty Shearwaters were recorded in 2 hours of seawatching.

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