Saturday, 12 July 2014

8th to 11th July

Good, summer weather continues, with sunshine on 3 out of 4 days during the period and light winds throughout. A smart male Ruff and Green Sandpiper on the 8th were the more interesting waders among the more routine Golden Plovers (peak of 531 on 9th), occasional Knot and Sanderlings, Dunlins (38 on 10th) and a few Whimbrel (3 on 10th). The Grey Phalarope was seen on Gretchen each day but has now virtually moulted into winter plumage and 2 of the Little Gulls were there until 9th. On a cloudy 8th/9th the first Leach's Petrel of the year was caught and ringed, along with 8 Storm Petrels while 3 Grey Herons were new arrivals on 11th. Arctic Tern chicks are fledging en-mass with at least 220 now airborne and the final figure seems likely to exceed 300-a great turnaround after 10-15 poor years.

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