Tuesday, 27 January 2015

24th to 27th January

A bit more 'white-winger' action on 24th with 3 Glaucous Gulls (2 juveniles and a 2nd winter) at Bridesness and all were thought different to the lingering bird of last week. Also on 24th, the Green-winged Teal was on Gretchen (and again on 26th), 2 Tundra Bean Geese were at Hooking and the Grey Plover was still in fields at Viggay. A surprise highlight on 25th was a male Brambling found feeding on seed put out for Snow Buntings at the entrance of the new heligoland trap and it was quickly caught and ringed soon after. 10 minutes of birding that same afternoon saw a 3rd winter Iceland Gull and a juvenile Glaucous Gull fly south past Gretchen-the latter was considered to be the bird last seen feeding on dead things on 22nd and it along with another juvenile (the 5th individual of the period) were on Torness together on 26th. There was also a Tundra Bean Goose (at least 3 individuals are present on the island) at Westness that day while a Pochard at Bridesness on 27th was new for the year.

Glaucous Gull
Snow Bunting

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