Monday, 9 November 2015

6th November

With better weather and being quite late in the autumn, it was to be expected that most of yesterdays birds would move quickly on. There were far fewer Thrushes in particular, but 100 Blackbirds, 439 Fieldfares, 7 Song Thrushes and 65 Redwings were still counted. A Great Grey Shrike at Scotsha was likely a new bird and also seen worth mentioning were 4 Grey Herons, the Common Scoter, 2 Great Skuas, a Short-eared Owl, a Black Redstart and a Lesser Redpoll.

Short-eared Owl (photo George Gay)

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Mark said...

Hi in 2009 I saw a Yellow Headed Blackbird in July on the west coast of the Isle of Jura! I don't know how this can be possible when it is native to North America and migrates to South America!!! For some reason the pictures have been wiped off that blog but I still have the phot of it if you would like to see it.