Monday, 20 June 2016

11th-20th June

The only migrants of note were a Little Gull at Kirbest and a Pink-footed Goose at Hooking, both on the 13th, along with a few Spotted Flycatchers and Chiffchaffs, but spring migration is essentially over. However, we’ve been busy monitoring and ringing the many breeding birds on the island. Black-headed and Common Gull chicks have been ringed at the lochs as have Greylag goslings. The first visit to Artic Tern colonies suggests they should have a reasonable year.  And effort has gone into finding Wheatear nests with 13 located. 10 Eiders were ringed as was a Gadwall, only the second ever for the island. A Coot chick was also the second ever ringed. 




Hooded Crow

(All photos Euan Ferguson)


Mark said...

Hi there

I just wondered if you might be able to identify a very strange bird I saw on Jura in We think it was a Yellow Headed Blackbird but goodness knows what it was doing there! Not the sharpest of photos but it was a miracle I managed to photograph it at all.

Many thanks,Mark.

George Gay said...

Hi, just had a look and it appears to be a male Yellowhammer.