Saturday, 29 April 2017


Not going say too much now, too busy with organising things and having a beer but here's a few pictures of today's Red-winged Blackbird...tomorrow is looking mental to say the least!
Once found, it quickly settled into a routine of feeding out of view in an Iris bed and once flushed, flying like a dart, straight to land on these gas canisters (perhaps she likes the colour?!), showing very well for 5 minutes then flying straight back to the same spot in the Irises...organised flush anyone?

all pictures taken by the finder, Simon Davies


Chicken Tonight said...

Mental? Not an appropriate comment. Ask the GP if unsure.

Nauplion said...

I dunno. I've seen a lot of redwinged blackbirds & this bird isn't quite the right shape for me. I'd make it a song sparrow -- a lot of variations there, & the google photographs for both birds show a lot of overlap in coloring