Saturday, 15 September 2018

13th and 14th September

A very rough day on the 13th with strong westerly winds bringing heavy, nasty squalls across the island; the main feature of the day was a movement of 647 Pink-footed Geese south over the island with small flocks passing by throughout the day (the biggest flock of 220 rested for a time on Stromness Point), associated with these were a few Wigeon seen coming in from the north and a juvenile Scaup briefly on Brides Loch – the first of the year.

                Passerines were limited to lingering birds which included 2 Sand Martins, 544 Meadow Pipits, a Rock Pipits, a Black Redstart, a Redwing, the Grasshopper Warbler near the lighthouse, a Barred Warbler at Brigg, a Yellow-browed Warbler at Holland, a Willow Warbler and a Brambling.   Other birds of note comprised 6 Herons, 2 Kestrels, 2 Merlins (including one in off the sea from the north) and an adult and juvenile Common Tern in Nouster Bay – only the fourth record of the year.

                A nicer day on the 14th, still blustery with showers sweeping through but slightly calmer and the showers were further apart; a few Passerines popped up in the better conditions – probably all lingering birds which included a Lapland Bunting, 3 Yellow-browed Warblers (two at Holland and one at the surgery), 2 Barred Warblers (Obs and Holland), 3 Sand Martins, 5 Rock Pipits, a Robin, a Black Redstart, 59 Wheatears, 2 Sedge Warblers, a Lesser Whitethroat and a Willow Warbler.

                Other birds included the first Whooper Swan of the autumn in off the sea, 2 Kestrels, 2 Merlins, 2 Peregrines (including on over the Obs carrying at Kittiwake!), a Grey Plover, 6 Ruff and 4 Black-tailed Godwits.

There's always one lone, lost juvenile when the Pink-feet come through!

Yellow-browed Warbler               Simon Davies

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