Thursday, 4 June 2020

2nd-3rd June

After the previous days events the morning was spent corresponding with different folk in the birding community to try and get further with the identification of our Green/Greenish Warbler. The consensus was pretty clear from most of the people I spoke to and doing more research ourselves we felt a little more confident too, that said we're still deciding to wait for DNA; why rush when you don't have too?!
The 2nd saw the winds switch into a more Northerly position and with it the birds dried up a little too. The suspects from the previous day remained however, both Marsh Warblers were singing in Holland, now about 20ft apart giving one another earfuls of song! 
The Red-backed Shrike had re-located to Ancum, as we'd predicted it probably would and a lone House Martin around the gardens rounded off a day mostly dedicated to muted high fives and pats on the back!
The 3rd saw the winds intensify slightly and Holland would offer up almost all the days highlights! 
Away from the gardens first though. A rather smart pair of Black-tailed Godwits were seen heading South off of Ancum Loch and the Red-backed Shrike was yet again at Ancum Willows, this time doing classic Shrikey things like catching Bees and impaling them on twigs. 
Back to the gardens, a Spotted Flycatcher was hanging around the South facing wall of Holland with a Chiffchaff and a Lesser Whitethroat, the latter two birds eventually finding their way into Mistnets. 
One of the Marsh Warblers was still calling in rare bird corner, all be it in muted croaks. 
Of course the major highlight of the day was the re-appearance of the wing-barred mystery! Initially giving good views in the sycamores to a couple of lucky observers before vanishing, not all was lost though and the bird was re-trapped, it was nice to know it was still about and a major relief to Pete who could now finally see it! Mowing the lawns at the Manse nearly cost him big time! The good news for the bird was that it had put on weight and fat, so maybe it's gearing up to move again! The outlook for the next couple of days isn't wonderful, Friday's looking especially naff!

Green/Greenish Warbler                                                        GG
Red-backed Shrike                                                              GG
Black-tailed Godwits                                                           GG

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