Friday, 14 August 2015

11th to 14th August

As the weather set in around midday on the 14th, an American Golden Plover was discovered commuting between Trolla, Sjaiver and the grassy area behind the lighthouse. After 8 records in 6 years, this is the earliest ever record on the island - pipping last year's record by a day.
American Golden Plover photo by George Gay
On the morning of the 12th another Bee-eater was discovered flying north over the obs before being picked up on the wires at Holland House, where it proved twitchable for those quick off the mark. The fifth island sighting of the year, it wasn't relocated after flying south mid-morning.
Bee-eater photo by George Gay
Wader numbers peaked at 60 Ruff, 265 Dunlin and 1051 Golden Plover on the 11th, with the Spotted Redshank being last seen that day; while a Little Stint was also present on Gretchen, though elusive until the 12th. Also present on the 11th was a Kestrel, while on the 12th and 13th a Merlin was seen. 2 different Short-eared Owl were involved in a run of sightings from the 12th to the 14th. Passerine migration is still proving slow, with only 3 Willow Warblers on the 12th and a Garden Warbler also. Unseasonal records of Song Thrush and Goldcrest from the Holland Gardens were made on the 13th. At least 5 Redpolls remain.
Ruff photo by Stephen Rutt

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