Monday, 8 August 2016

1st-4th August

As August starts, the waders have started to build up in their numbers with Knot peaking on the 3rd with 39 being present in various locations on the island, Ruff have also started to return with 5 on the 1st and 16 on the 4th. Godwits of both species have kept numbers steady with Bar-tailed Godwits lingering in the low teens, 13 on the 1st and 4th, a lowly 7 birds where counted on the 2nd and they topped off with 14 on the 3rd.
The Black-tailed Godwits have been less numerous overall, with single figures on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, although 15 where recorded on the 1st. Golden Plover numbers also continued to increase and peaked at 511 on the 4th, the most noteable wader of the last four days was a Curlew Sandpiper on Sjaver, assumably the bird that showed up in late July on Bewan.
2 Collared Doves where accounted for on the 1st, of which one stuck around until at least the 4th, a Woodpigeon was seen at Hooking on the 4th also. A single Sandwich Tern was seen flying over Holland on the 2nd.
Hirundine numbers have been slow this year, so 16 Sand Martins on the 2nd where a welcome addition, the bulk of them coming in the shape of a large flock seen feeding round Hooking farm.
Perhaps the bird of the period was one that snuck under the radar a bit, a Soft Plumage Petrel was seen during a short Sea-watch from Westness on the 1st, the bird wasn't in view for long before heading East towards the lighthouse, with no pictures the bird can't be positively identified as Fea's or Zino's. Other notable birds from the period include a Redpoll on the 3rd, a Manx Shearwater on the 1st and Whimbrels present on all days.
Manx Shearwater - George Gay

Black-tailed Godwits - George Gay

Ruff - George Gay

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