Saturday, 20 June 2015

18th to 19th June

No need to stop for summer just yet as the spring trickles on with more new arrivals the last few days. Admittedly it hasn't been heaving with migrants but 3 year ticks on 18th in the form of 6 Storm Petrels off the north end, a Swift at Bridesness and a Lesser Redpoll (if such a thing exists these days!?) at Ancum Willows were very welcome. Also on 18th a male Nightjar at Holland gardens was not seen well enough to be photographed so for the time being is assumed to be the previous days bird relocating and there were 3 Mealy Redpolls and 2 Collared Doves. The 19th began with much excitement when 2 Icterine Warblers (including a singing male) were discovered at Holland gardens mid-morning. Both were trapped and ringed but with better weather the rest of the day was spent ringing Gull chicks so we'll have to see what we can pull out of the bag tomorrow... 
 Icterine Warblers (photo Stephen Rutt)
Lesser Redpoll (photo George Gay)

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