Sunday, 21 June 2015

20th June

A blast of easterly wind brought a further rarity today, this time in the form of the North Ronaldsay's twelfth Subalpine Warbler. The bird was trapped and ringed a couple of hours after being first found in the Gravity willows at around 6pm and continued to show there after release. Opinions welcome on its specific identity, pending further investigation we're favouring Western (rather than Moltoni's) but are certainly not 100% sure. In the field (although we have no direct experience) we'd edged towards Moltoni's - the true underpart colour hasn't quite come across in the photographs but it wasn't heard to call. In the hand, some biometrics, the slight orangey tone to the underparts and moult have led us more towards Western, although the bird has a heavily worn tail with no white visible on T5. Earlier the first 2 Marsh Warblers had been found in mist-nets at Holland gardens-one of which subsequently started singing. There was also one yesterdays Icterine Warblers there and a new Siskin.

Subalpine Warbler


 In the field photos by Stephen Rutt

 Marsh Warblers (both photos Stephen Rutt)

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