Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30th September

Another productive seawatch this morning with highlights being a balearic shearwater and a great shearwater, plus 65 sooty and 30 manx shearwater. Amongst the 759 fulmars logged were 3 blue, and 3 arctic skuas flew west. The HORNEMAN'S ARCTIC REDPOLL appeared at Sangar late on but fairly quiet elsewhere with just a single chaffinch, a chiffchaff and the first 2 redwing of the autumn.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

29th September

The first calm day for some time produced a reasonable sea passage including 2 large shearwater sp., 37 sooty shearwater, 106 manx shearwater, 641 fulmar including 3 blue, and 517 kittiwake. On the land were notably more snow buntings with at least 97, and 1 lapland bunting. A carrion crow , greenland common redpoll and redstart are new, 2 grey plover were on the Links, 4 barnacle geese flew through and finally, an afternoon netting session at Holland produced a very smart HORNEMAN'S ARCTIC REDPOLL.

Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll

28th September

A small number of greylag geese were on the move with 243 through, along with 83 pink-footed geese and 13 whooper swans. Holland held 3 willow warbler, 2 robin, a chiffchaff, blackcap and lesser whitethroat still plus the first chaffinch of the autumn. More notable sightings were of a pomarine skua at the north end and a little stint on Gretchen Loch.

27th September

A reasonable pink-footed goose passage with 1536 in total, plus 12 whooper swans. Very little change elsewhere with the yellow-browed warbler, robin, lesser whitethroat, blackcap and chiffchaff at Holland and the sand martin at Bridesness. The day total of 68 wheatear was a clear increase and 3 lapland buntings were by Bewan.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

26th September

No sign of the plover today but a better day than expected given the conditions. The first yellow-browed warbler of the autumn was in Holland gardens, with a blackcap, lesser whitethroat, chiffchaff, robin and 2 willow warbler also, and in the afternoon a little bunting was discovered at Ancum. 45 pink-footed geese flew south as did 3 twite, 2 sand martins were over Brides' Loch and singles of merlin and peregrine were noted.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

25th September

The american golden plover was still at Bridesness in the afternoon and a slavonian grebe was seen in Linklet Bay, otherwise a very quiet day but for a stonechat and a few snow buntings.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

24th September

A 3 hour seawatch in the morning produced most notably a pomarine skua, 19 sooty shearwater, 1071 fulmar and 882 gannet. The wryneck was still at Neven and in the afternoon we finally got some reward for a desperate September of westerlies; an adult american golden plover, seen flying over Brides' Loch and soon relocated at Kirbest. 117 pink-footed geese flew through and 2 sand martin were over Brides' Loch.

Adult American Golden Plover

23rd September

The wryneck was still at Neven and passerine migrants included singles of lesser whitethroat, garden warbler and willow warbler plus 3 lapland and 17 snow buntings. 284 pink-footed geese flew south through the day, a peregrine was seen and passing at sea were 2 sooty shearwater, 3 manx shearwater and a storm petrel.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

22nd September

Surprisingly 2 wrynecks were seen today at Neven and Haskie, previously assumed to be the same bird and not seen since the 13th. In nearby Linklet Bay were a common tern and the grey plover, and wildfowl overhead included 104 pink-footed geese, 4 whooper swan and 2 pale-bellied brent geese. 6 sooty and 1 manx shearwater passed at sea and a peregrine was seen.

21st September

6 sooty shearwater were seen from the north end whilst 123 pink-footed geese flew through in bits through the day. A whimbrel was at Bewan along with 14 snow buntings, the grey plover remains in Linklet Bay whilst at Holland were a robin, 2 willow warbler and a chiffchaff. A stonechat was at Ancum.

20th September

Holland gardens typically held the majority of migrants including the first song thrush of the autumn plus 2 chiffchaff, 1 willow warbler, 1 robin and the pied flycatcher still. A blackcap and a stonechat were by the Observatory, a sand martin was at Holland, 23 pink-footed geese flew through and 3 lapland buntings were seen.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

19th September

Still at Holland were the pied flycatcher, 2 willow warbler, a chiffchaff and a lesser whitethroat, plus another of the latter at Roadside Stores. A grey plover was on the Links, the male hen harrier again at Hooking and 3 grey heron were seen. Seawatching was slower than recent days with just 5 sooty and 9 manx shearwater, 253 fulmar including 1 blue and 10 great skuas.

Friday, 18 September 2009

18th September

Great shearwater was again the highlight with a single bird passing west in the morning, and even closer than the previous few. Other seawatch counts were 1343 fulmar, 17 sooty shearwater, 14 manx shearwater, 299 gannet and 315 kittiwake. A common rosefinch was at Ancum, two firsts of the autumn included a robin trapped at Holland and a jack snipe in Kirbest Mire. A chiffchaff was in East Loch Park, a lesser whitethroat, blackcap and pied flycatcher in Holland and 3 willow warbler were logged.

17th September

A 4 hour seawatch was rewarded with 2 close great shearwaters heading west, with other totals being 36 sooty and 46 manx shearwater, 1515 fulmar, 309 gannets, 205 kittiwakes and 80 pink-footed geese in. 3 lesser whitethroat and a lapland bunting were seen, a chiffchaff and 2 willow warbler were at Holland and divers included 7 red-throated and 2 great northern.

16th September

The pectoral sandpiper was still on Gretchen Loch but otherwise a pretty quiet day with a blackcap at Scotsha, a willow warbler at Holland and 2 lesser whitethroat, plus a lapland bunting at Kirbest and 2 snow bunting at Bewan.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

15th September

31 sooty and 67 manx were logged on a morning seawatch, 2 snow buntings by Bewan are the first of the autumn and a pectoral sandpiper was on Gretchen Loch. 88 knot and a grey plover were at Haskie and the male hen harrier was at nearby Hooking. A stonechat was at the Obs', and 3 lesser whitethroats and a willow warbler were seen.

Monday, 14 September 2009

14th September

Seawatching featured for a good part of the day and produced the best totals so far this autumn, the best bits being a cory's shearwater in the morning and a great shearwater early afternoon, plus 97 sooty shearwater, 118 manx shearwater, a leach's petrel, 301 kittiwakes and the first 26 pink-footed geese of the autumn. 2 pectoral sandpipers were on Kirbest Mire and common migrants consisted of 2 lesser whitethroat, 1 whitethroat, a pied flycatcher, a stonechat and 5 willow warbler. 2 barred warblers included a bird at the Surgery and a 2nd trapped at Holland, where unusually a smart lapland bunting was trapped and ringed in the evening. Also noted were 5 great northern divers and 2 merlin.

13th September

7 storm petrel, 21 sooty and 21 manx shearwater were seen at sea, the wryneck had moved along the golf course to Neven and the crossbill was in East Loch Park. A garden warbler and 3 willow warbler were in Holland, a whinchat was at Rue and a white wagtail at Twingness. A common tern and a redpoll flew over the Obs' in the afternoon and also seen today were a peregrine, red-breasted merganser, 1 black-tailed and 32 bar-tailed godwit, the grey plover and 135 arctic terns.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

12th September

A quieter day worsened by some pretty awful weather through the morning. A lesser whitethroat at Westness was new, a garden warbler was in Holland and a total of 5 willow warbler were seen. The grey plover was still at Haskie and the crossbill in East Loch, a merlin and the hen harrier were around Hooking and 170 teal were on the loch there.

11th September

Holland gardens still held 2 willow warbler and a garden warbler, with another of the latter at Scotsha. A pied flycatcher was at the surgery, singles of willow warbler and crossbill were in East Loch Park and a grey wagtail around Twingness. An adult black tern at Haskie in the afternoon was bird of the day on a local level, the last island record being 2003, and also there were the wryneck and 4 pale-bellied brent geese still. Other sightings through the day included 3 grey heron in Garso Wick, a grey plover, merlin, peregrine and a male hen harrier.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September

The wryneck was still along the beach at Haskie, as were the 4 pale-bellied brent geese briefly. 3 willow warbler and a pied flycatcher remain at Holland and the barred warbler appeared again at Roadside. 8 sooty and a single manx shearwater were seen off the north end, 4 red-throated divers were in Linklet Bay and 114 sanderling an a grey plover were on the Links.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

9th September

Still present at Holland were the barred warbler, 2 pied flycatcher, 2 willow warbler and a garden warbler plus the whinchat was still in East Loch Park. A blackcap was at Ancum and a wryneck at Hooking is surely undiscovered remnants from the weekend, whilst 4 pale-bellied brent geese at Bridesness are a decent island record.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

8th September

A morning seawatch wasn't much use and produced just 1 sooty shearwater of note, 244 wigeon and 7 pintail were at Ancum and migrants included 4 willow warbler, a whinchat, a pied flycatcher, a barred warbler at Holland and the first lapland bunting of the year was sheltering by the dyke at Twingness in the afternoon.

Monday, 7 September 2009

7th September

Leftover migrants today were a little harder to come by with an increasingly strong westerly wind, but barred warblers were still in the gardens of Roadside Stores and Holland, with the latter site also holding 2 pied flycatcher and 6 willow warbler, and a crossbill was in East Loch Park.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

6th September

2 willow warblers and a pied flycatcher were at the Obs', with all other migrants being at Holland, including 2 pied flycatcher, a garden warbler and 8 willow warbler. 2 peregrines flew over and a merlin was present.

5th September

Mist netting at Holland produced a reed warbler amongst other things, with a single barred warbler there and a 2nd still at Roadside Stores. A redstart was at the Obs', a whitethroat at Lindswick and other common migrant totals were 13 willow warbler, 7 garden warbler, 3 blackcap, 6 pied flycatcher and 4 whinchat. One of the summering chiffchaffs was also re-trapped at Holland, and a late sandwich tern was in Linklet Bay.

Friday, 4 September 2009

4th September

Last night's poor weather resulted in a fair spattering of common migrants as hoped, including 3 barred warblers at Holland (2) and Roadside Stores (1). 2 tree pipits and singles of lesser whitethroat, whitethroat and blackcap were the first of those species this autumn, and other passerines being 5 garden warbler, 11 willow warbler, 2 redstart, 8 pied flycatcher and 3 crossbill. 3 grey heron came in, 4 ruff were amongst the golden plover, a flock of 33 black-tailed godwit at Bewan is a good island count and snipe were more abundant today with 82 logged.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

3rd September

A quiet morning with just a sooty shearwater and 3 manx shearwater seen at sea, 3 black-tailed godwit on Bewan Loch and a whimbrel at Bridesness was followed by relentless heavy rain from midday onwards. A few bedraggled migrants around the Obs' late on included at least 1 redstart, a greenshank, 2 willow warbler, a garden warbler and 6 crossbills, hopefully a sign of things to come tomorrow.

2nd September

Mist netting at Holland produced just a garden warbler and a willow warbler, and just a single sooty and 9 manx shearwater were seen at sea. A merlin and collared dove were seen in the south of the island and a whinchat was at Scotsha.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1st September

Grounded migrants were still in short supply but did include a common rosefinch at Holland, as well as 4 white wagtail, a garden warbler, 3 willow warbler, a pied flycatcher and 5 crossbill. Sea passage consisted of mostly fulmars with 1658, plus 6 sooty shearwater and 87 manx shearwater.