Monday, 31 August 2009

31st August

Seawatching again featured through the day and provided the days birding highlight in the form of a very close great shearwater, plus totals of 1827 fulmar, 20 sooty and 161 manx shearwater, 111 storm petrel, 380 gannet and 199 kittiwake. After a distant sighting early morning a pod of 4 killer whales spent over an hour seemingly playing around Seal Skerry before heading out northwest. A garden warbler and 2 willow warbler were at Holland, with 3 more of the latter elsewhere, an unstreaked acrocephalus warbler was seen briefly in the Obs' kale crop and 8 crossbills were at Westness. Other sightings included 3 ruff by the school, 3 black-tailed godwit and 5 whimbrel.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

30th August

Migrant passerines were still thin on the ground with a willow warbler and a pied flycatcher at Holland and 3 crossbill, and waders included a black-tailed godwit, 3 ruff and 53 knot. The day became much more exciting at lunchtime when 4 killer whales spent a short while off the north end, and the totals of 5 hours seawatching are as follows; 314 gannet, 1253 fulmar, 5 sooty and 109 manx shearwater, 165 storm petrel, 1444 kittiwake, 18 great skua, and 5 whimbrel came in. Other sighting included a single great northern and 2 red-throated divers, 690 golden plover and a grey heron.

29th August

Another quiet day with single willow warblers at Holland and Sennes, 2 ruff on Gretchen and a black-tailed godwit was seen. 26 knot were on Sandsheen and 2 sooty shearwater flew past the north end.

Friday, 28 August 2009

28th August

The best of an unpleasant day's birding weather wise included 3 willow warblers at Nether Linnay, garden warblers at the Obs' and Gretchen and a single crossbill. Seen on a seawatch were 1 sooty shearwater and 6 manx shearwater.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

27th August

Mist netting at Holland produced 2 garden warbler and 2 willow warbler, with 2 more of the latter elsewhere. Whinchats were seen at Kirbest and Senness, a barred warbler was at the Shop and a sedge warbler was in the Obs' crop. Notable waders consisted of 3 greenshank, a green sandpiper and the grey plover still at Haskie. Also seen were 5 white wagtails, 2 crossbill, a swift and 5 sand martin.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

26th August

A handful of migrants today included 4 willow warbler, 2 whinchat, a crossbill and the first pied flycatcher of the autumn were at Breck. 9 black-tailed godwit and 2 grey heron were at Ancum, 3 whimbrel flew through and a swift was by Hooking. The grey plover, 150 sanderling and 136 ringed plover were on the Links.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

25th August

A whinchat was in East Loch Park, a willow warbler was by the Obs', a crossbill flew over and a chiffchaff was trapped at Holland. A corncrake was later flushed near Gretchen Hide, the grey plover was still in Linklet Bay and a barred warbler was at Southness.

Monday, 24 August 2009

24th August

An early fieldfare in the morning was quite unexpected, a greenshank was on Bewan Loch and the cuckoo was at Rue. Things picked up a little in the afternoon with 2 garden warbler at Ancum, a sedge warbler at the Obs' and a light southerly passage of crossbills, 29 in total. The first barred warbler of the autumn was at Kirbest in the evening and a whinchat appeared in the obs' crop. A grey plover was in Linklet Bay, a noticeable increase in wildfowl included 103 wigeon and 7 pintail on Ancum Loch and singles of merlin and hen harrier were seen. Other counts included 2 each of whimbrel and black-tailed godwit, a swift, 2 white wagtail, 307 meadow pipit and a willow warbler.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

23rd August

The strong south easterly winds didn't produce as hoped, with just 3 willow warblers the only passerines of note. A juvenile cuckoo at Holland is presumably last week's individual, a greenshank flew along the west side and 2 ruff were in Mid Park.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

22nd August

A distinct increase in migrant wheatears and meadow pipits today with 150 and 147 respectively, and alba wagtails were more abundant including at least 4 white wagtails. Notable waders included a whimbrel, 2 black-tailed godwit and a count of 47 snipe is the highest total this autumn. The buzzard was still present as were the 2 crossbills and 2 willow warblers were present.

21st August

A selection of raptors today included most notably a common buzzard, plus single merlin, kestrel and peregrine. The 7 ruff were still with the golden plover flock, a greenshank was seen and in Nouster Bay were 205 sanderling. 2 crossbill and a swift were seen by the Obs' and 3 collared doves were at Holland.

20th August

A whimbrel was along the west side, 2 willow warblers were in East Loch Park, 2 pintail were on Ancum Loch and 7 ruff were amongst the golden plover flock.

19th August

A very quiet day with little more than a hen harrier and a grey heron.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

18th August

An hours seawatch produced 450 kittiwakes, 2 sooty shearwater, 15 manx shearwater, 14 storm petrel and 249 fulmar. 3 ruff were amongst the golden plover flock, a green sandpiper flew over and a juvenile cuckoo was by Vincoin.

17th August

The greenshank was still present, a kestrel was seen at Verracot and 2 whimbrel flew over.

16th August

A greenshank was on Gretchen Loch breifly and a total of 20 ruff. A swift was at Hooking, 2 collared doves were at Howar and 2 willow warbler were seen.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

15th August

Seawatching provided most of the days interest with notably 40 manx shearwater, 3 sooty shearwater, 35 storm petrel, 548 fulmar and 174 gannet in an hour. A merlin was at Rue, a ruff and greenshank were on Gretchen Loch and willow warblers were at the Obs' and Holland.

Friday, 14 August 2009

12th August

A black-tailed godwit and 3 ruff were on Gretchen Loch, 3 collared doves and a willow warbler were at Holland and at least 700 arctic terns were roosting in Nouster Bay.

11th August

Wheatear numbers had notably increased with 37, a whimbrel was by the school and at Westness were 17 knot and 3 grey heron.

10th August

1 of yesterdays hen harriers was still present, 2 ruff were on Gretchen and 169 sanderling on the Links. Pied wagtails were much more abundant with 45, a green sandpiper flew over and 3 whimbrel and 2 willow warbler were seen.

9th August

2 juvenile hen harrier and 5 water rails were seen at Ancum Loch, a ruff and a black-tailed godwit were on Gretchen and the collective total for dunlin was 101. A willow warbler was at the Surgery and 9 swift were over the Obs' late evening. Also seen were 2 grey heron and 2 whimbrel.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

8th August

3 ruff and black-tailed godwit were on Gretchen were a peregrine flew through and a green sandpiper was flushed from the coast by The Lurn. 2 whimbrel were at West Beach, 843 golden plover is the highest count this summer and 2 collared dove and 3 willow warbler were seen.

7th August

The first sooty shearwater of the summer was seen passing the north end, along with 4 manx shearwater and 12 storm petrel. Willow warblers were at the Surgery and in the obs' crop, first of the autumn, and 2 swift flew over. Other bits included 87 ringed plover, 4 whimbrel and a single greenshank.

6th August

All efforts were with sheep work through the day, and the only casual sighting of note was a kestrel at the north end.

5th August

On Gretchen Loch were 3 ruff, 2 black-tailed godwit and 83 dunlin, and 2 greenshank dropped in late afternoon. A grey heron was at Hooking, 2 whimbrel along the west side, 16 bar-tailed godwit by the Shop and waders at Westness included 25 knot.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

4th August

The wood sandpiper was still on Bewan Loch and other waders included 21 purple sandpiper at Gue Geo, 4 whimbrel , an 2 ruff and a black-tailed godwit on Gretchen Loch. 2 grey heron were at Tor Ness and the autumn's first garden warbler was at Nether Linnay.

Monday, 3 August 2009

3rd August

An early icterine warbler was at Holland as was the summering chiffchaff, the first wood sandpiper of the year was on Bewan Loch and also seen were single swift and whimbrel and 4 black-tailed godwit.

2nd August

Very little of note but on Gretchen Loch were 41 dunlin, 2 knot and 2 black-tailed godwit.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

1st August

A pretty blustery day with few birds but for a passage of puffins at the north end with 1771 in an hour, meanwhile kittiwakes trickled south along the west coast with 218. Elsewhere 20 bar-tailed godwit and 2 whimbrel were by the Shop and 3 collared doves flew past Twinyas.