Sunday, 15 November 2009

8th - 15th November

The 3 white-fronted and 9 pink-footed geese remained amongst the greylag flocks, up to 79 dunlin and 83 sanderling have been on the Links and long-eared owls were seen on 8th and 11th. Thrushes have been present in only low numbers but the 10th saw an increase in blackbirds with 89, and 6 song thrushes on 11th is the peak count during this time. 2 jackdaw and a meally redpoll were seen on and off, and a chaffinch and black redstart were present on 10th. Warblers included just the occasional chiffchaff, but 4 were logged after a small arrival on 13th, along with 5 blackcap, 18 woodcock and 12 robin. Finally on 15th the first little auk was seen at Bridesness, unfortunately being eaten by a great black-backed gull!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

7th November

2 long eared owls were still in Holland, the woodlark was still in the stubble field by Kirbest and a yellowhammer was new. The twite flock by the Obs' held 2 chaffinch, a brambling and 2 meally redpoll.


6th November

A seawatch produced little more than 3 great northern divers, 5 grey heron were at Westness and the 3 white-fronted and 9 pink-footed geese were still about. 2 short-eared owl, 128 snow bunting and a brambling were at Breck, a dunnock was at Greenspot and 8 robin were logged.

Long-eared Owl

Thursday, 5 November 2009

5th November

Very little change with now 2 long-eared owls at Holland and a little gull at Twingness the only new birds. Also present in that area were the black redstart, grey wagtail and 2 jackdaws, whilst 8 pink-footed and 3 white-fronted geese continue to tag along with greylags by the School. 60 twite were in the bird crop by the Obs and 74 snow bunting at Sandar.

4th November

The short-toed Lark had now been joined by a woodlark at Kirbest, with 2 goldfinch there also. The long-eared owl was still in Holland, 3 white-fronted geese by the school and 2 jackdaw were noted. 81 sanderling in Nouster is the largest count for a while, 90 twite were feeding in the Obs' bird crop and a single wheatear and blackcap were seen.

Short-toed Lark (top) & Woodlark

3rd November

A very quiet day with 2 white-fronted and 8 pink-footed geese by the School, the scaup on Gretchen Loch and a long-eared owl in Holland. The black redstart was seen again and 11 robin and 4 woodcock were logged.

2nd November

The short-toed lark was still present at Kirbest as was the scaup on Gretchen Loch. 4 white-fronted geese were at Greenwall, 2 woodpigeon and 5 chiffchaff were at Holland and singles of grey wagtail and black redstart were seen.

1st November

The scaup remains on Gretchen Loch and dwindling thrush totals included 172 fieldfare, 5 song thrush, and 124 redwing. 2 blackcap were at Holland, 10 robin, 11 woodcock and a ring ouzel were seen and a short-toed lark was in the stubble field at Kirbest. Also of note were 18 pink-footed geese.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

31st October

A great end to the month with strong southerly winds and rain overnight dumping another batch of thrushes and some pretty unusual birds too. A great grey shrike by the Observatory was a good start to the day and the long-eared owl and little bunting were still at Holland. Unseasonal sightings included a flava wagtail on the airfield, a whinchat at Garso and a swallow at Bewan. Woodcock were still in good numbers with 39, thrushes consisted a ring ouzel, 174 blackbird, 636 fieldfare, 21 song thrush and 175 redwing. 17 robin and 5 black redstarts were noted, just a lesser whitethroat, 5 chiffchaff, a blackcap and 2 goldcrest were at Holland a scaup was on Gretchen Loch. The day finished nicely when a stunning woodlark was discovered at Westness, just the 3rd island record, the last being in March 1998.

30th October

Woodcock were more evident with 33 logged, a black redstart was by Gretchen and a ring ouzel at Trebb. A confiding little bunting and a long-eared owl were at Holland and other notable migrants involved just 1 chiffchaff, 1 blackcap and 4 robin.

29th October

A big clear out of thrushes but smaller migrants included 16 robin, 11 blackcap, 6 chiffchaff, and singles of dunnock, black redstart, Grey Wagtail and goldcrest. The drake green-winged teal was still on Gretchen Loch and 110 twite remained in the Ob's bird crop with a greenfinch and 2 chaffinch.