Sunday, 25 November 2012

21st-25th November

The 21st saw a slight increase in wildfowl numbers with 21 Pintails and 14 Tufted Ducks the two species with their respective highest counts of the month so far. Also present were 7 Whooper Swans, a single Woodcock and 33 Snow Buntings. The 22nd-24th of the month were largely forgettable as horrendous weather set in for the period. The weather changed on 25th, with a light easterly and rain bringing a tiny flurry of late migrants to the south end of the Island. The highlights were 2 Waxwings south over the Observatory and a Long-Eared Owl caught in one of the Heligoland Traps. There was also a small arrival of thrushes with 22 Fieldfares, 7 Redwings and 19 Blackbirds counted. A Kestrel sheltering in the Pier store was presumed to be last weeks bird, but a Chiffchaff at Lurand was definitely new.

Long Eared Owl, with the observatory in the background

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