6th-8th June

 Another period of fine weather and North-westerlies that didn't seem all that inspiring, however it's late Spring and migrants are desperate to get to their Summer haunts, this meant the good birds kept coming through. 

The 6th started as all days should, with phone call from Holland House to say a male Red-backed Shrike had been caught! With all the usuals done the bird was photographed and sent on its way, it re-appeared just after lunchtime outside the obs. A Canada Goose was briefly seen on Ancum, a smattering of Spotted Flycatchers also kept interest going, despite there being good birds about the censuses often have long periods of seeing very little in between migrants. A late Whinchat was on the fences between Waterhouse and Ancum while the long-staying Crossbill was still around the school. A Basking Shark was seen seen off the west side and pods of Risso's Dolphin were seen from Torness and Dennishead. 

The 7th was arguably the pick of the days, a good session in Holland saw Willow Warbler, two Spotted Flycatcher, Chiffchaff, Siskin and a Sparrowhawk ringed. This was followed by a further Willow Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher behind the Old Kirk and the a very Hobby as it streaked over the Airfield and up the West side. The afternoon started with a female Grey-headed Wagtail around Quoybanks and just after 14:00 a female COLLARED FLYCATCHER was discovered in the garden at Cursitter, the bird spent large parts of the afternoon feeding in the trees on the side of the garden before eventually being trapped in the evening, it released back at Cursitter where it remained for the rest of the day. This is the 5th island record, all subsequent records have also related to female birds.

The 8th was much quieter, the Collared Flycatcher had moved itself around 400m up the road and was now feeding happily in the garden at the Old Manse, a female Redstart was caught in T1 before breakfast and a Tree Pipit was found around North Gravity just after breakfast. A flock of 12 Woodpigeon flushed from a field just off Torness, it continues to be an incredible Woodpigeon year for us with the record count already broken. They day ended with a frustratingly brief view of what sounds like a Hobby heading South and an unconfirmed report of Orca off the north end.

This next few days looks pretty exciting, so may have to wait for an update! 

                                                        Collared Flycatcher - all images GG