Friday, 26 March 2021

25th - 26th March

 Highlights from the 25th included 6 Pink-footed Goose, 3 Rook still, the male Lapland Bunting still, a Goldcrest still and the first Dunnock of the year. 

male Lapland Bunting

Highlights from the 26th included a 3cy American Herring Gull which was on Gretchen Loch briefly in the evening, potentially a first for North Ronaldsay. Other highlights included the Knot still, 2 Chaffinch, a new Goldcrest, 2 Song Thrush, 7 Woodpigeon and the first Grey Wagtail of the year. 

3cy American Herring Gull. Note glaucous-like bill, pale scapulars, smooth dark underwings and lower body, rather plain tertials and greater coverts, wholly dark tail and heavily marked uppertail and undertail coverts. 

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