Monday, 18 August 2008

18th August

A good scattering of migrants today, the highlight being a greenish warbler found sheltering along the West dyke accompanied by a wood warbler. The buff-breasted sandpiper was still with the golden plover flock and supporting scarcities included a barred warbler by Gretchen, a wryneck at Holland and a marsh warbler hiding amongst the irises at Scottigar. Common species were in good numbers today with 2 whitethroat, 6 whinchat, 13 garden warbler, 24 willow warbler and singles of pied flycatcher and redstart. 3 greenshank and a green sandpiper frequented Gretchen Loch as did the 2 ruff, and both a sparrowhawk and a merlin were seen
throughout the day.

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Lee G R Evans said...

I would just like to say that I think your new blogsite is superb and I look forward to reading your daily summary every evening. Keep up the excellent work and love to Kevin, Alison and family. Long time no see

Lee G R Evans
UK400 Club